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AC 220v 5000w High Power Motor Speed Controller Scr Electronic Boltage Regulator Dimming Acomperation Thermoregulation Module


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Overview and Specifications:

Product Attribute
Accessory Type : Extension Board
Compatible With : MCU, ARM, raspberry PI, Arduino

Product description Standard name: ac 220v 5000w Product name: 5000w ac voltage regulator. Specifications:

1. working voltage: ac 220v.

2. adjust the voltage: ac 0-220v.

3. maximum power: 5000w.

4. efficiency: more than 90%.

5. Convenient: the back of the product is engraved with wiring diagram, 30a high current terminal block, simple wiring and easy installation, it can be reliably installed by making 3 holes in the machine’s panel.

6. Size: 3.35 * 2.86 * 1.57in, buttons and connectors not included.

7. weight: 6.5oz. note: 1. the load must be connected before adjusting the voltage. 2.scr is mainly used for resistive loads (electric heating incandescent lamps, etc.)

3. This voltage regulator is not a panacea, it cannot replace the battery charger for electric vehicles, nor can it drive electrical appliances that use switching power supplies

(such as 110v TVs, stereos, refrigerators, air conditioners, stoves, computer type rice), and can not drive induction cookers, energy saving lamp. The package includes: 1x5000w scr voltage regulator